Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Death of Debate

I keep reading. But I have yet to see a single person of liberal political persuasion who can have an intelligent discussion online without either devolving into assumptive/BigLie tactics or without deceptively spinning into side-topics and different aspects of a topic in order to evade directly addressing the subject at hand.

I've been forcing myself to read blogs and news sources from all political points. But I'm beginning to wonder why even the most seemingly bright and credentialed people on the left seem to lose all discernment or critical thinking when it comes to politics. They assume on criminal intentions from anybody conservative as a given, which right off profoundly skews everything, and then they overlook even garishly obvious and proven lies and distortion from their own side, and they present a 'case' that sounds more like an emotional 14 year old than someone of their seeming age and achievements.

I wrote about this a long time ago on a listserver, and a week later editorialist John Leo published a column saying nearly the same thing. I guess a lot of people can SEE it. But how can we understand it?

Aside from say, posession, or more likely "attachments" as some say, I'm at a loss to explain the consistency of this phenomenon. I suggested this some time ago and someone else just sent me an email suggesting that -- hilarious -- and neither of us are particularly religious. I guess it just goes to show how bewildering it really seems.

I'm collecting blogs and links I think are cool to add to this site in a few days. I'm joining a local gun club. Donating to some of the good causes for soldiers, renewed my NRA membership, and made several icons of personal slogans that I put on this page. I can't change the world, but I can better-focus in my little corner of it.


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