Thursday, November 10, 2005

A long, long way from home

California acts like an immature college student. They have a fantastic situation, yet still manage to get themselves in majorly deep ____ regularly. They finally realize they are on the verge of doom, they have maxx'd the credit card and mashed a fender and are in big trouble, at which point they are happy for some strong daddy personality to come along, like Reagan or Schwartzenegger, to bail their butts out of the economic holding cell. They agree, yes daddy, that's what I want, I want to fix it. But once a little time passes, they relax... kick back, man... and suddenly the party is more important and daddy's "budget plan" is just some unfair imposition of authority to rebel against.

I was born in Ojai and my heart will ever reside there, despite the hollyweird crowd that molested it until it is now unrecognizeable. But I am so glad to be half a continent away. I know he can't, but on a moral level, I think Arnold should tell them to get stuffed and go on to do something more constructive with his time.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, they passed a bill yesterday banning all handguns -- no owning, buying, selling, manufacturing, or trading them for any reason in any form, nor ammunition.

They could not, of course, ban the criminal element from having firearms. Ironically, not others, either:

The law does not bar nonresidents from lawfully possessing handguns within city limits. [AP]

I see. So San Francisco may still be filled with weapons from criminals and from visitors but, rest assured, the law abiding citizens will not have any.


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