Friday, November 25, 2005

The Hypocrisy of Liberals for Minorities

When the current Republican President appointed someone black, and someone female, and someone mexican (must I say 'hispanic'?) to some of the top positions of responsibility in the entire country, the people who were conservatives were not surprised. Why should they be? The people nominated were intelligent and competent. Who cares what race or gender they are? Yes, it's nice that there have been so many firsts like that in the Bush administration but hey, we can all see, it's certainly about time.

Every person of race or gender nominated in any Democrat administration damn near gets a month-long party as the media extolls the wonder of someone who is Not White having actually gotten into an important job. Yet look squarely at the numbers and the positions of greatest import and you can easily see that the Republicans are far more promotive of people without regard to race.

Yet still the Democrats try to pull the "race card" out, expecting the slavish vote-devotion of anybody who isn't white.

They may think they 'relate' to the poor barrio kids but I'm pretty sure those kids don't relate much to them.

It took a magnifying glass and tweezers to find the single (count them: 1) minority-race person in a minor position in the entire vast Kerry campaign a couple years ago. After that got publicized, the campaign was overcome with jobs for minorities, of course. That the media and liberals constantly equate being conservative with being a racist is the ultimate irony, as it is pretty much the opposite, as this makes clear. Still, it's not about what is true; it is about what gets said loudly enough, often enough. The liberals expect minorities to be like children, and to believe whatever they say, no matter what obvious evidence to the contrary exists.

The Democrats can say over and over, directly and indirectly, on TV, in movies, in magazines, in newspapers, that they are the "defenders" of the poor, of the minorities. That somehow, the Republicans are out to get ya, so you better vote for the Dems to defend you!

They expect the poor and minorities to believe this. They apparently think that if the education is bad enough and the TV is loud enough, they are home-free to capture all those votes for their side, because all those non-white folks out there will say, "Gosh and golly! Why, you're right! I'm voting for you, Mr. Rich White socialist! 'Cause you feel sorry for me and I need that!"

It's amazing. Now, I have met people of all races who are tuned out regarding these details, sure. That's just human nature. Not everybody is into politics.

But I have yet to see any evidence that non-whites or poor people of any race are as across-the-board stupid as the liberal left and its govern-by-media assume.

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