Sunday, November 13, 2005


A friend asked me why I call the blog McTANK (my real name is on the copyright). Well, because me ranting here reminded me of that silly old joke:

A young man is drafted into the army and shows up near the front line. There isn't enough equipment to go around and the captain hands him a stick and says, "Pretend this is a gun. Just go, Bangety-bangety-bang!--it works." The terrified private finds himself on the front line and, having no other option, grabs the stick and shouts, Bangety-bangety-bang! and several advancing enemy soldiers fall down. Wow, he thinks, it works!

He continues throughout the battle, rolling into foxholes and taking up strategic positions and Bangety-bangety-bang! always seems to work. Hours later an enemy soldier is coming slowly but grimly toward him and he keeps shooting but it's not working! And the guy just plows right over him and as he goes down hollering into the dirt he hears the soldier muttering to himself, Tankedy-tankedy-tankedy...

I'm sure the joke started based on the equipment issues often seen in the military, but to me it humorously represents bloggers like me who haven't any way to apply real weapons to The Good Fight, so we live in our heads, and our tankedy mutterings. Ya do what ya can.

We're with you in spirit boys.

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